Learn More About the Bail Bond Procedure


The Bail Bond Process Works as Follows:

1. What is the person's full legal name?

2. What is the person's date of birth?

3. Which jail is he or she in and is it a city, county or federal jail?

4. What is the booking number?

5. What is the charge?

6. How much is the bail amount?

Detailed Explanation

Bail Bond Agencies enable you to have an inmate freed from jail without requiring someone to personally post the entire Cash Bail amount. A Bail Bonds Agency will typically collect a specific percentage of the total bail amount (as prescribed by law) from you and guarantees the Law Enforcement Agency and Courts that the defendant will appear in Court.

Bail Bond Agencies collect 10% of the bail amount (required by State) from the clients as a "Premium." To have an inmate freed from jail, you pay this amount or arrange financing with us. (We accept cash, credit cards, and checks.)

Once we receive the payment and complete all the necessary documents required, we can arrange to have the inmate released from jail. If the defendant fails to appear for their day in Court, a warrant for arrest will be issued by the Courts.

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