Learn More About the 2011 Orange County Bail Schedule

Supreme Court of California
County of Orange Bail Schedule

Pursuant to Penal Code section 1269b, this bail schedule was approved by the judges of the Superior Court of California, County of Orange, and effective January 1, 2011.

Thomas M. Goethals, Chairman Uniform Bail Procedures Committee

The Felony and Misdemeanor Bail Schedule may be viewed and printed from this web site using Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, you may download the application from Adobe's Web Site.

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How to Use This Bail Schedule

A. Determining Felony Bail: 1. Felony Bail Schedule shall be applicable throughout Orange County and is applicable to all arrests without a warrant for bailable felony offenses.

B. Persons not entitled to be released on bail are those charged with:

C. Bail for offenses involving larceny under the Penal Code, as listed in this schedule (e.g. P.C. 487, 496, 504, etc.), is the scheduled amount or the amount of [loss], whichever is higher. This policy is also to apply to fraud type offenses of other Codes (e.g. Insurance Code, Revenue and Taxation Code, etc) for which no presumptive bail is specified in this schedule, at the presumptive bail for top term potential, below, or the amount of loss, whichever is higher.

D. For all offenses and enhancements for which no presumptive bail is specified in this schedule, the presumptive bail shall be set according potential for the offense plus enhancement:

Top term 3 years - 20,000
Top term 4 years - 25,000
Top term 5 years - 30,000
Top term 6 years - 35,000
Top term 7 years - 40,000
Top term 8 years - 45,000
Top term 9 years - 50,000
Top term 10 years - 55,000
Top term 11 years - 65,000
Top term 12 years - 70,000
Top term 13 years - 75,000
Top term 14 years - 80,000
Top term 15 years - 90,000
Top term 16 years - 100,000
All life sentences - 1,000,000
One Strike Prior - 100,000

E. Penal Code section 1270.1 prohibits the release of an arrestee on bail in an amount OTHER THAN THAT SET FORTH ON THE BAIL SCHEDULE prior to a hearing in open court for:

F. Bail Limit for Multiple Offenses - A bail limit for a case with multiple charges will be established as follows:

G. Holds for Out-of-County Charges - The Felony Bail Schedule will apply to holds placed for out-of-county charges when no amount has been previously established or shown on a warrant.

H. Violation of Probation -

I. All references to a code section shall include all subsections thereof unless a specific bail is set forth for a particular subsection.

J. Revisions/Additions to the Felony Bail Schedule The following procedure is established to make interim changes to the bail schedule without a formal meeting of the bail committee:

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