James Beaver Murders Bail Bonds Partner

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Man Murders his Bail Bonds Business Partner

Written on June 13, 2011

After an investigation, Dallas detectives have charged a local bail bonds business owner with murdering his bail bonds business partner. During the murder investigation, James Beavers reported to detectives that a man had entered the bail bonds business asking about securing bail for a friend when he pulled out a gun and shot and killed his bail bonds partner Mark Stockton. Beavers reported to Police that the man had shot his bail bonds business partner in the head and then fled the scene. Beavers also reported after hearing the shots at the bail bonds business, he rushed into the office and saw his bail bonds business partner dead on the floor. Beavers reported that the man that entered his bail bonds business and killed his bail bonds partner was an Hispanic male.

After receiving the incident report from the bail bonds business owner regarding the murder, detectives noticed major incosistencies in the story and placed Beavers under arrest at the bail bonds store front. Beavers was then charged with Capital Murder in the murder of his bail bonds business partner and given a $1 million bond by the courts. Dallas Police and Detective suspect that Beavers killed or hired someone to kill his bail bonds business partner after a dispute involving the bail bonds business; the motive is still unclear...Read the Rest of This Article.

Dog The Bounty Hunter, Reality TV Star and Bail Bonds Owner

Behind the Scenes of Bail Bonds TV

Written on June 13, 2011

Until reality television took hold of the nation and bail bonds, most were strangers to the professional of bail bonds and how it worked. Bail bonds and bail bonds companies in particular has gotten a lot of exposure because of reality television and this modern day phenomenon. Before A&E's smash hit "Dog the Bounty Hunter" most had no idea that bail bonds was even a profession and now people like Dog are a household name. Now bail bondsmen like Dog and the bail bonds industry are very much on the map and taken a lot more serious than before. Because of the popularity of bail bonds shows like "Dog the Bounty Hunte"r and "Bounty Hunters" they have paved the way for many other bail bonds shows to air. "Godfather's Las Vegas Bail Bonds," "Rock N' Lock," "Dog the Bounty Hunter" and "Bounty Hunters" just to name a few are all set to air new seasons of their shows and more are on the way.

Although the bail bonds industry isn't a glamorous lifestyle, so many bail bonds reality shows are set to air in the near future and changing the perception of how the public views the colorful characters that make up the bail bonds industry throughout the United States. Many wonder if bail bonds reality shows are good for the bail bonds industry or does the misconception send a mixed signal about bail bonds? One thing is for sure, with so much exposure to the bail bonds industry through bail bond reality shows, viewers can now identify the difference between a bail bonds agent and a bounty hunter...Read the Rest of This Article.

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