Dominique Strauss-Kahn Posts a $1 million Bail Bond

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Former IMF Chief Released on $1 Million Bail

Written on May 21, 2011

Since his attempted rape arrest on a hotel maid, Dominique Strauss-Kahn the former IMG chief spent his first night out of jail at a Manhattan safe house. Strauss-Kahn was released on a $1 million bail bond from Rikers Island and is being kept at the safe house on 24/hour surveillance by armed guards and tucked away from media and press. Strauss-Kahn was originally supposed to stay at an apartment in the financial district until a more permanent residence is set up as part of his bail agreement until his lengthy trial. On May, 14 Strauss-Kahn was charged after trying to rape a hotel maid then detained while boarding a plane to France and sent straight to Rikers Island. As part of his bail agreement, Strauss-Kahn is being held by armed guards and electronic monitoring in the safe house; he will be responsible for the $200k estimated costs of the bail arrangments made by the bail bonds company who bailed him out of jail until his trial.

Just days ago Dominique Strauss-Kahn was one of the most powerful men in the world and the next in line as the president of France, he's now hit rock bottom and tons of press and media are lined up to watch it all go down. Strauss-Kahn has currently resigned as IMF chief and left the running for office as president of France. Since being released on bail Strauss-Kahn is only allowed to leave the court-appointed apartment for lawyer meetings, curch and medical appointments. Strauss-Kahn has reported to many press and media outlets that he is innocent of all charges and aims to prove it...Read the Rest of This Article.

Eight Bail Bond Agents Arrested in Bail Bonds Scheme

The Biggest Bail Bonds Scheme in Orange County History

Written on May 21, 2011

Eight bail bond agents have been arrested in what has been called the biggest bail bonds scheme in Orange County history. Cynthia Shirley, owner of a local Orange County bail bonds company has plead not guilty on charges of illegal soliciation of inmates for bail bonds services. Orange County bail bond laws and bail license regulations prohibit bail bond agents and bail bond companies from soliciting inmates for bail bonds services. Orange County authorities reported that Shirley hired an unlicensed party to solicate and negotiate bail agreements and bail services on her behalf to inmates. Shirley and seven other bail bond agents were arrested in connection with the bail bond scheme, Orange County prosecutors filed 148 counts of bail bond regulation violations amongst the eight bail bond agents involved. The 148 counts of bail bond regulation violations were from an 18-month investigation by Orange County officials in the case.

The bail bonds agents charged in the bail bonds scheme were: Cynthia Shirley, Ernesto Perez, Richard Anthony Arant, Jonathan Thomas Campos, Jason Anthony Gatewood, Vaughn Michael Hutchins, Frank Mattew Tokeshi and Mark Ward. If Cynthia Shirley is found guilty she could face up to 23 years in prison but has currently been released on a $20,000 bail bond until her trial in the bail bond scheme charges. Perez was reported to be the unlicensed bail agent that Shirley hired to solicate inmates for bail bonds services and bail negotiations. Shirley reported false informaiton on bail agreements about how these inmates initially contacted her bail bonds company regarding bail bonds services...Read the Rest of This Article.

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