Charlie Sheen posts bail for Lenny Dykstra

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Charlie Sheen Posts Bail for Lenny Dykstra

Written on May 17, 2011

After an embezzlement charge in connection with robbing a bankrupt estate, former New York Mets outfeilder Lenny Dykstra was held on a $150k bail bond. Responsible for 15% of the total amount of his bail in order to be released Dykstra's bond was posted by none other than actor Charlie Sheen. According to TMZ, Sheen reported "The rendition guilty trolls that kidnapped my dear friend Nails clearly forgot that he's a fellow Vatican assassin and his best pal is a warlock."

According to police, Dykstra stole more than $400k worth of furniture, sports memorablia and decorations from his foreclosed California mansion and illegally pawned them for cash. Dykstra was already out on $500k bail in connection to a grand theft auto charge when he attempted to buy a stolen car the week before. Dykstra is also being sued by a potential housekeeper for lewd behavior; the woman claims he stripped naked and asked for a massage during her interview for the position...Read the Rest of This Article.

Billy Jay Wright Released on Bail

Billy Jay Wright Released on $1 Million Bail

Written on May 17, 2011

Billy Jay "BJ" Wright, former law client of State Senator R.C. Soles Jr was released on a $1 million bail bond from February 28. His original charge and bail were set from charges of vandalism to Soles estate, eluding police and driving with a suspended license. Although prosecutors sought to have the source of the funds used to post Wright's bail revealed by the bail bonds company, Superior Court Judge D. Jack Hooks ruled against it on Friday before Wright's release. The original statute cited by the prosecution regarding the source of the bail was aimed towards criminals funded by drug money in major cases and did not apply to Wright's charges, this is why it was overruled by Judge Hook.

Judge Hook has ordered Wright's release to be accompanied with house arrest and proof by the surety bond company once the funds have been received. A local deputy informed the judge that he would be notified immediatly by text message if Wright tampered or removed his GPS ankle monitor while on house arrest after being released on bail. A May 4 ruling from Superior Court Judge Douglass Sasser ordered Wright to be released on a $750k bond but Judge Hook felt it was too low and still thinks that Wright will violate his bail agreement...Read the Rest of This Article.

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