Nicholas Cage Arrested in Drunken Dispute with His Wife

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Nicolas Cage Arrested After Drunken Dispute

Written on April 17, 2011

Academy awarding-winning actor Nicolas Cage was arrested on Saturday night in the French Quarter after a drunken dispute with his wife over whether-or-not they owned the house they were in front of. Cage and his wife argued to the point of violence after a night out that ended in an arrest by New Orleans Police. The couple was in front of a home in the French Quarter where they're known to frequent quite often when the argument arose. Cage grabbed his wife by the arm and began screaming in rage and slamming cars before trying to flee the sceen in a taxi. After New Orleans Police stopped the actor and retreived him from the cab he was then booked on charges of domestic abuse, disturbing the peace and public drunkiness. After spending the night in the "drunk tank" Cage was released on a $11,000 bond by a New Orleans judge.

Cage is not only a big fan of the BIG EASY but has shot movies there in the past as well as owns a few properties and other business ventures. Despite being an "A" list actor in Hollywood, Cage has been having a lot of financial woes lately. In 2009 the actor took his former business manager to court in a $20 million suit claiming his advise is what led to his current financial crisis. No news has been released on who bailed out Cage and his representatives could not be reached for a statement...Read the Rest of This Article.

Kenny Britt Arrested for Eluding Police

Kenny Britt Arrested During Traffic Stop

Written on April 17, 2011

After being pulled over for speeding in his home town of Bayonne, New Jersey, Kenny Britt (Tennessee Titans, Wide Receiver) was arrested doing 71mph in a 50mph zone. Bayonne Police reported that Britt will face charges of obstructing governmental function, hindering apprehension and eluding an officer. Britt did not respond to police sirens as he sped by in his Porsche. An officer later caught up to Britt who was walking away from the car, he denied ever driving or owning the car. Although the team was aware of the reports, representatives were not prepared to give a statement on his arrest.

Britt has had a few run-ins with New Jersey Police in the last year. The Titan's receiver received 3 traffic warrants after a 2010 traffic stop and is still involved in civil litigations over unpaid bail bonds payments he helped secure for a friend. Nashville Police charged the player with driving without a license after a traffic stop during training camp. He was also involved in a bar fight back in October but no charges were filed...Read the Rest of This Article.

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