Jason Adair is Attacked by Two Bail Bondsmen

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Man Beaten by Bail Bondsmen

Written on April 6, 2011

An Oklahoma City man had a bad ride to work the other day. Jason Adair is on 24-hour bed rest by doctors orders after being severely beaten by bail bondsmen. Adair claims he was kicked and had his head slammed against the curb repeatedly by bail bondsmen as he arrived at his job. The bail bondsmen work for a local Oklahoma City bail bonds company and denies the allegations being made by Adair. Adair claims after arriving at work, two bail bondsmen approached his car and tased him in side, pulled him from his car and beat him relentlessly. Adair was being pursued by the bail agents in association with a 2006 traffic ticket he was currently paying off.

The bail agents working for the local bail bonds company in Oklahoma City not only deny the allegations made by Adair but stated to news that Adair is a dangerous fugitive and is not to be trusted. In 2007 Adair plead guilty to an assault charge and was released on bail until his court appearance last week which he had missed. Although there was no active warrant for Adair's arrest when he was allegedly attacked by the bail bondsmen, a warrant was going to be issued but the paperwork had not been finalized. The bail bonds company being accused by Adair claim that after they detained the fugitive he never complained about being injured or requested any medical services. Adair is currently seeking legal council against the bail bonds company in conjunction with the attack. ...Read the Rest of This Article.

Memphis Bail Bonds Company Closed After Owner is Charged with Felony

Bail Bonds Company Closed for Connections with Drug KingPin

Written on April 6, 2011

Nationwide Bail Bonding is officially closed for business and prohibiting from writing any more bail bonds after 10 Shelby County judges signed an order on March 29th. The Memphis bail bonds company's doors were closed after it's owner Geraldine Galloway was convicted in association with a Memphis drug kingpin. In 2005, Galloway bought a pickup truck with drug proceeds for a racket ran by Craig Petties, a Memphis native. Petties plead guilty to charges ranging from ordering murders to drug trafficking and had used Nationwide Bail Bonding for numerous charges in the past. After Galloway was caught with the evidence she was arraigned an convicted on federal money-laundering charges in a Memphis Supreme Court.

The Memphis Supreme court judge that convicted Galloway called nationwide bail bonding a "sham and a farce" ever since they opened their doors in 1999. "For 12 years, Ms. Geraldine Galloway, Ms. Mary Richardson and Ms. Shanta Galloway have made a mockery of these courts and the laws of the State of Tennessee," the judges said in a recent order. "While operating the bonding company under these false pretenses, (Geraldine Galloway) has been accused and convicted of using the bonding company in a money laundering scheme. The judges' order on Nationwide also noted that state and federal tax liens were placed against the company in 2009 for more than $100,000.....Read the Rest of This Article.

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