Dallas Police Shoot Steven Mathew Sanchez

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Dallas Police Shoot a Man Outside of Bail Bonds Storefront

Written on March 29, 2011

Steven Mathew Sanchez, 22 was shot by the Dallas police department outside of a local bail bonds storefront. After the Dallas Police responded to a call by the bail bond agents at a local bail bonds company regarding a wanted man they had taken into custody. When the Dallas Police arrived on the scene, Sanchez pulled a gun from his pants but was shot by two officers before he could open fire. Although Sanchez was not killed by the police he still put up a struggle when the police tried to handcuff him.

Sanchez was hospitalized after being shot but when he is released from the hospital he will be charged with aggravated assault on a police officer.

Sanchez was originally wanted by Dallas Police for an assault charge in connection with domestic violence in 2010, he was bailed out on that charge by the same local bail bonds company he was shot at on Thursday night. Police are now conducting two separate investigations involving Sanchez (1) the original assault charge (2) the shooting outside of the local bail bonds agency...Read the Rest of This Article.

Garlisha Garrison Arrested for Manipulating the Bail Bonds System

Woman Charged in Bail Bonds Scheme Pleads Guilty in Federal Court

Written on March 29, 2011

Garlisha Garrison plead guilty Wednesday to several Federal counts of manipulating the bail bonds system. Garrison accepted cash bribes to lower the bail bond amounts during her full-time job at the Orleans Clerk of Courts Office as well as her part-time job at the Orleans Parish Sheriff's Office. These bail brides made it easier for people that had been arrested to bond out of jail or even be released out of jail without bail before their trial.

After Garrison accepted the bribes, she would forge bail slips lowering the bail amount; she entered 4 guilt pleas on computer fraud in relation to the manipulation of the bail bonds system charges. Garrison's attorney reported to the Associated Press that Garrison "does not plan to go down alone" in the bail bond manipulation scheme as she cooperated with Federal authorities in building a case against the others involved in the bail bonds scheme. After an investigation into the bail scheme, a few defendants' bail status had been altered to be released on recognizance bonds when in reality their bonds had been set ranging from $20,000 to $75,000. The investigation uncovered payments to Garrison ranging from $1,000 to even higher amounts for her help with altering the bail status.

The original charges were pressed against Garrison in January 2011 after Criminal Court Judge Laurie White noticed the bail bonds amounts had been adjusted after she set the bail amount. Garrison could face up to a 5 year sentence in the bail bonds scheme....Read the Rest of This Article.

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