Clarisha Parker is Wanted for Cutting Off Her Ankle Monitor and Avoiding Police Arrest

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Clarisha Parker is Fleeing Bail Bonds Agents

Woman Cuts Ankle Monitor
and Violates Bail Agreement

Written on March 4, 2011

Very often bail agents and bail bond companies will add special stipulations to a bail agreement after posting bail for a client to ensure the "flight risk" factor is less of a worry and their bail bonds investment won't tank. In most cases bail agents and bail bonds companies will require their bail clients to wear an ankle monitor to keep track on them until their trial, in the case of Clarisha Parker the ankle monitor just wasn't enough insurance the bail bonds company or the courts needed.

Clarisha Parker, as many do, cut her ankle monitor and disappeared off the grid escaping the police, probation officers, the Tulsa County Courts and bail agents of the bail bonds company that originally posted her bail. The ankle monitor is a great way for courts, bail agents and probation officers to keep track of their clients and monitor them during the trial process until sentencing or during probation. Clarisha Parker cut her ankle monitor off over 3 months ago and nobody has been able to find her since. The Tulsa County Court has had an excellent record when it came to tracking down their clients who have pulled the same move, "Parker is doing a great job of staying invisible" stated the Tulsa County bail bonds company owner.

Parker's original crime was forging a prescription to gain drugs from a local Tulsa County pharmacy, she made bail which was posted by a local Tulsa County ball bonds company back in November 2010. She was already assigned the ankle monitor because of an assault and battery charge a few months prior to her disappearance which she also made bail during. Before now Parker had never been a flight risk as she had used bail bonds services through the same bail bonds company for years. The bail bonds company is sure it will only be a matter of time before she is caught and back in jail and the bail bonds company that posted her bail is offering a cash reward for any information pertaining to Parker's whereabouts...Read the Rest of This Article.

Defense Attorney Mattew McDowell Charged in Referral Scheme

Bail Bond Practices Penalize the Poor

Written on March 4, 2011

As if getting arrested wasn't enough, the price of bail bonds can be very expensive and make your experience even harder to handle. The average bail bonds rate is 8%-10% of the bond set during your bail arraignment. After you're arrested you will be given a bail hearing where the judge will set your bail (example: 100k bond), usually you would contact a bail agent or a bail bonds company to cover the bail amount and post your bail if you can't cover the full amount of the bail on your own. The bail bond gets you out of jail and back home until the date of your trial, once you go to trial the bail bond funds are returned to whomever posted the bail by the courts - you are then responsible for 8&-10% of the bail as payment for the bail bonds service to the bail bonds company or bail agent.

It isn't uncommon for bail agents and bail bonds companies to not assist black or hispanic people with their bail bonds needs due to the fact they have a huge history of NOT showing up to their trials; forfeiting the bail bonds money from the court back to the bail agents or bail company that assisted them in the bail bonds process. If the bail client does NOT show up to court as stated in the bail agreement then the co-signer, bail agent or bail bonds company that posted the bail for the bail client is financially responsible for the loss in the eyes of the court. An arrest warrant will then be issued for the bail client and bounty hunters, officers and other justice agents will go after the bail client to collect them for the court.

Although receiving bail is a civil right there are many loopholes in bail laws granting bail bonds companies and bail agents the right to refuse bail bonds services to whomever they feel may be a flight risk no matter the color, background or financial standings. It's no secret that bail agents and bail bond companies are more likely to offer bail bonds services to white or asian people than black or hispanic due to the "flight risk" factor. The name of game in the bail bonds industry is MONEY, if your bail clients shows up to court and pays back the bail bonds amount the bail bonds company or bail agent WILL make money in a easy fashion. If the bail bonds company or bail agent posts a bail and the bail client doesn't show up to court and disappears then the bail bonds company or agent will lose lots of money. Right now the justice system is designed to offer bail bonds services to everyone but it's the decision of the bail bonds company or bail agents who will receive these bail bonds services and when.

Current reports by Houston Ministers Against Crime in Harris County Texas have proved how the American Justice System and bail laws are geared towards the rich and show how bail laws only attack the poor instead of assisting them with the bail process. They reported to news sources saying "it's hard enough being poor" and continued by explaining "bail laws penalize the poor for being poor, something must be done."...Read the Rest of This Article.

Maurice Hudson Flees the County to Avoid Arrest

Race-Related Murderer Held on a $1 Million Bail

Written on March 4, 2011

In October 2010 a race-related murder occurred in Chicago; following police questioning - Maurice Hudson fled the country to England. Although no charges were pressed after his initial arrest and he was released with no bail he was instructed by the courts to NOT leave the country and he did just that. Hudson scurried off to England but was sent back to the U.S. by United Kingdom immigration. English INS informed U.S. Immigration that Hudson would be landing back in America were he was detained and handed a $1 million bail during his bail hearing on Thursday.

After new evidence and witnesses emerged in the slaying of Jorge Palacious, Hudson is now being charged with murder and due back in court on March 8 for sentencing. Hudson's bail is set extremely high because he is considered a flight risk, as of yet no bail companies have been contacted concerning the bond and Hudson has still not been able to be released bail.

Hudson admitted to police that he did not like hispanics and was responsible for killing Palacious. Jorge Palacious was shot in the neck, chest and side while sitting in his car during rush hour traffic October 2010...Read the Rest of This Article.

Joseph Gustafson Arrested and Charged

Joseph Gustafson's Bail Set by Judge

Written on March 4, 2011

"Beat-Down Posse" Founder Joseph Duane "Little Joe" Gustafson Jr. stepped in front of the judge at his bail hearing on Friday and got stuck with a $750,000 bail set by Judge Kerry Meyer. During the bail hearing Judge Kerry ruled that Gustafson's father, bail agent and owner of a local bail bond company could not bail his son out of jail. Gustafson Jr was originally charged with 14 felony-counts of racketeering with crimes such as robbery, assault and intimidation as he terrorized the North Side using his father's bail bonds company as the BDP gang front. The investigation into the case uncovered other allegations such as mortgage fraud and arson. Gustafson Sr., owner of the bail bonds company is being implemented in these charges as well but no charges have been pressed.

During the bail hearing Gustafson was described as a flight risk and prosecutors urged the judge to set the bail high and requested the Gustafson family's bail bonds company not be able to bail him out of jail. Although the Gustafson's bail bonds company has lost their bail bonds license, their attorney is attempting to regain the company's bail bond's license and is requesting the judge allow the company to be able to bail the son out of jail.

Gustafson was arrested in October with a felony and released on a $120,000 bail and although Judge Meyer set the current bail at $750,000 and decided to bar the family's bail bonds business from posting the bail she decided to credit any bail already posted towards the total bail bonds amount owed for the new charges...Read the Rest of This Article.

Bail Bondsmen Rico Reed and his Son Kerry Jones

Killer Tracked by Family of Bail Bondsmen

Written on March 4, 2011

Larry Weston was wanted for a 2nd degree murder charge and led Polk County Sheriffs on a 6-month manhunt successfully eluding Georgia police from serving the murder warrant. Although Weston wanted to return home he chose not to surrender and was instead apprehended by a childhood friend and his father, both men were bail agents at a local Georgia bail bonds company. Rico Reed and his Son Kerry Jones are both bail agents with their own bail bonds company in Georgia and responsible for the arrest of murder fugitive Larry Weston.

Weston was no stranger to prison, bail or the justice system. After serving a year in prison and returning back two months later - Weston racked up charges and his bail agent friend Kerry Jones kept bailing him out. Finally in September 2010, Weston murdered a 21 yr/old mother outside of an apartment building during a fight. A Judge issued a murder arrest warrant for Weston, this is when the 6-month manhunt began.

Reed had 90 days to return Weston in order to receive his bail bonds money back from the state but struck out in his own search for the convict. Reed's moral obligations to catch a murderer fueled his search more than getting his bail bond funds returned. Reed reported to news that he had a lot of guilt riding his conscience because he bailed out a murder...Read the Rest of This Article.

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