Johnathan Nelson Drowned Fleeing Bail Bonds Agents

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Bail Bonds Fugitive Drowns to Escape Bail Agents

Written on February 22, 2011

After a bail fugitive jumped into a Louisiana Bayou in an attempt to flee bail bond agents, the man drowned and died, reported Mike Tubbs, the Morehouse Parish Sheriff. Johnathan Nelson was in custody of bail agents after he missed his court appearance and violated his bail agreement. His autopsy revealed no signs of injury after his body was recovered from the bayou on Thursday. Sean Nelson, the bail fugitive's brother reported to investigators that the bail agents were responsible for the death of his brother. The bail agents are currently under investigation along with the bail company by the district attorney's office but no arrests or charges have been made as of yet.

The body of the bail fugitive was discovered thanks to the combined efforts of local bail bond agents, the Sheriff Department's dive team the the Coast Guard. The family of the bail fugitive are still trying to press charges against the bail bonds company in response to the death of Johnathan Nelson during the hunt for the bail fugitive on Wednesday...Read the Rest of This Article.

Defense Attorney Mattew McDowell Charged in Referral Scheme

Florida Defense Attorney Suspended for Accepting Referrals from Bail Bonds Agents

Written on February 22, 2011

A Florida-based Defense Attorney Matthew McDowell was suspended for 10 days by the Florida Supreme Court for accepting client referrals from a bail agent at a local Florida bail bonds company. Bail agent Orin Oppermann was also found guilty in the attorney referral scheme and has had his bail bonds license suspended for 12 months. This is the 2nd time the pair have been caught in a scheme regarding bail bonds and attorney client referrals. Florida law prohibit bail agents from referring clients to attorneys and attorneys or law enforcement employees from referring clients to bail bonds companies or bail agents. McDowell's suspension begins March 11th along with $1,433.80 in restitution to the Florida Bar Association and $1,725.00 in restitution to a former client involved in the referral scheme.

During the highlight of their referral scheme, 90% of the defense attorney's clients had come from the bail bonds company and were receiving bail bonds services through the bail bonds company in question. Florida laws do NOT prohibit attorney solicitation in person or through a 3rd party but the Florida Bar Association does. Florida law for bail bonds work exactly the same way for bail agents employed by Florida bail bonds companies...Read the Rest of This Article.

Colorado Bail Bonds Bill Rewrite

Colorado Bail Bonds Bill HB11-1088 Rewrite

Written on February 22, 2011

The Colorado House of Representatives rewrote a bail bonds bill (HB11-1088) this week after reviewing it and finding it was in direct violation of Colorado citizen's civil rights. The bill made it impossible in some cases for citizens to exercise their constitutional right to receive bail bonds services. Before the bail bonds bill rewrite a bail bonds agent could refuse the right to provide bail bonds services to any inmates with fear of them being released from jail before their court date and losing the bail bonds money to the state. With Colorado's increasingly bad immigration issues state-wide many inmates would receive bail bond services and were exported back to their country before their court appearance forfeiting the bail bonds money back to the state. Many bail bonds company's were refusing bail bond services to inmates with fears of losing the bail bonds money because of early exportation of immigrants and similar occurrences. This bill cost bail bond companies millions in bail bond services and funds but this week Colorado State Representative Mark Barker agreed to change the bail bonds bill after revisiting the the rules.

Police departments, jails and inmate holding facilities are required by law now to give advanced notice to inform bail agents and bail bonds companies on early releases of inmates receiving bail bonds services. This advance notice regarding inmate release or transfers will help bail bonds companies make better decisions in offering bail bond services to certain inmates and Colorado citizens and still making it possible to exercise their constitutional right to bail. The new bail bonds bill rewrite is important for Colorado residents to know please read the article carefully to better understand your constitutional right to receive bail bond services throughout the state...Read the Rest of This Article.

Ricky Hann Committs Murder-Suicide

Man Released on Bail Commits Murder / Suicide

Written on February 22, 2011

A Fulton County man, Ricky Hann was arrested on Saturday after taking his girlfriend hostage and charged with simple assault, reckless endangerment of another person, unlawful restraint, burglary, terroristic threats and kidnapping. After his $100,000 bail bond was posted by a local bail bonds company, Hann returned to his girlfriends house and took her hostage once again but this time murdered her and committed suicide.

Hann's prior rap sheet against his girlfriend also included simple assault, harassment and terroristic threats for which he was found guilty and released on bail. Souders, Hann's girlfriend filed a protection request which was violated in September which he was also released on bail. While awaiting trial and released on a $15,000 unsecured bail is when Hann committed these heinous acts. Hann's bail was determined by Pennsylvania Judges based on his danger to the community, family ties, a job and the seriousness of his offense, according to Rule 523 of PA Judicial Guidelines used to determine bail. Although Hann's bail agreement prohibited him from owning or carrying a firearm, the murder-suicide was committed with a shotgun which is in direct violation of the bail agreement set by the bail bonds company that posted Hann's bond...Read the Rest of This Article.

EBT Quest Card Loophole

Welfare Card Loophole Allows Use for Bail Bonds

Written on February 22, 2011

A Washington state welfare program loophole allows EBT Quest Card holders to use service for bail bonds. This weeks' investigation into the state funded debit card uncovered the perfectly legal use of tax payers dollars to be used to bail out your friends and loved ones. EBT Quest Card holder are reporting that they've been using their funds to bail out their loved ones and posting bail through bail bonds companies for quite some time while staying under the radar or media…until now.

How Does it Work?
(1) After being arrested and booked inmates can request personal items, at this time they can have a bondsmen working through a bail bonds company retrieve the card and post their bail. (2) EBT Quest Card holders can also go directly to the ATM and pull out the bail money required to post bail through a bail bonds company in order to set their loved ones free. (3) Inmates or EBT Quest Card holders can give bondsmen and bail bonds companies their pin number to post their bail set by the court in order to go free.

With bail bonds companies conveniently located around police stations, jails and inmate holding areas, bail bonds services are always close. All inmates and EBT Debit Card holders need is the Quest Card itself or the Card number / pin and an ID in order to acquire bail bonds services from a bondsmen or bail bonds company. Inmates can post bail for themselves, family members can post bail for inmates or inmates can even post bail for other inmates as a bail bonds co-signer, all on the taxpayer's dollar...Read the Rest of This Article.

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