Maurice Clemmons Killed During Manhunt

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Felon on Bail Commits Slaying of Police Officers

Written on February 7, 2011

Maurice Clemmons, convicted felon committed a mass murder on 4 police officers 8 hours after being pulled over by Washington State Police. Seattle deputies William Marquiss and Levi Redding pulled over Clemmons on November 29, 2009 on a routine traffic stop and after running a check which came back clean he was sent on his way. Clemmons, arrested 6-days earlier on molestation and rape charges was currently out on bail but had failed to appear to his court-appointed correction officer. After posting a $190,000 bail through a local Seattle bail bonds company Clemmons removed the monitoring bracelet placed by the bail bonds company violating his bail agreement.

Officers Ronald Owens, Greg Richards, Tina Griswold and Sgt. Mark Renninger were preparing for patrol when Clemmons entered the coffee shop four hours later and opened fire and killing them all. One of the Officers in the slaying shot Clemmons in the stomach but it didn't slow him down long before leading Seattle officers on a 2-day manhunt. Clemmons was later killed from the combination of a shot in the abdomen on top of another shot from a different officer during the chase...Read the Rest of This Article.

Teressa Michelle Holman Arrested in Murder-for-Hire Plot

A Woman's Bail was Lowered in Murder Case

Written on February 7, 2011

In a murder-for-hire case shortly before Christmas Teressa Michelle Holman who hired a hitman to kill her husband received a lower bond set by the judge. After being charged with solicitation to commit murder Holman received a reduced bond by Judge Orlando Hudson. The Durham County Superior Court Judge reduced her bond to $75,000 from the orignal bond which was set at $250,000. Till now Holman had a clean record, her lawyer pleaded with the judge to recduce the bond to $25,000 but the bail reduction was denied and the bond was reduced accordingly to the severity of the first offense.

The Sheriff's Office received a tip about Holman inquiring a hitman to murder her husband and sent and undercover officer to meet with her and catch Holman in the act. The undercover operation took place in a Walmart parking lot; Holman paid $500 upfront on the hit with a promise of another $4500 upon completion with a promised bonus of $1000 if it appeared as an accident.

Besides obvious emotional damage Holman's husband was not harmed and if she is released on bail Holman will stay with her Mother until the trial following her mental evaluation..Read the Rest of This Article.

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