Anthony Carleo in the Bellagio Casino Heist

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Suspect Arrested in Las Vegas Casino Heist

Written on February 3, 2011

A suspect has finally been arrested in the Dec 14th casino robbery in Las Vegas, NV. Many of you remember the notorious craps table robbery at the Bellagio where a man entered wearing a motorcycle helmet and weilding a handgun and exited the casino $1.5 million richer in casino chips. Charged with trafficing a controlled substance, burglary w/ a deadly weapon and robbery; 29 year-old Anthony Carleo, son of Las Vegas Municipal Court Judge George Assad was arrested today. Las Vegas police reported Carleo was arrested after attempting to sell the stolen chips to undercover police officers.

A similar robbery occurred on Dec 8th at Suncoast casino in Las Vegas, no news if Carleo will be charged with that robbery as well...Read the Rest of This Article.

Lindsay Lohan and the Stolen Necklace

Lindsay Lohan Accused of Stealing Necklace

Written on February 3, 2011

Lindsay Lohan is back in the news today, this time she was accused of stealing a necklace. After being spotted in a photograph wearing the reported "missing" necklace, police aquired a warrant from the judge at the Airport Court to search the stars Venice Beach home. There was not only photos of Lindsay wearing the missing the jewelry but TMZ had videos as well. Lindsay was released from a three-month court-ordered rehab stay early in January, and is currently on probation relating to a 2007 conviction for driving under the influence (DUI) in 2007. Lohan will be charged with a felony conviction if the necklace is valued at more than $5000. News has still not been released if the warrant to search the stars house was ever obtained from the Airport Court Judge. Lohan is still awaiting charges of assault against a Betty Ford Center worker while her stay in rehab. Until her court hearing on February 24th Lindsay is still subject to random drug screening...Read the Rest of This Article.

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