Learn More About the 2011 Los Angeles Felony Bail Schedule

Supreme Court of California
County of Los Angeles

Approved December 14, 2010 by the Executive Committee of the Los Angeles Superior Court.
Judge Peter Espinoza
Supervising Judge, Criminal Division
Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles

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How to Use This Bail Schedule

(1) The purpose of this bail schedule is to fix an amount upon which a person who is arrested without a warrant may be released from custody prior to appearance in court. At and after a defendant's first appearance, pursuant to Penal Code section 1269b(b), the amount of bail, if any is allowed, shall lie with the sound discretion of the judicial officer before whom the defendant appeared, and may be greater or less than the amount set forth in this schedule, subject to the provisions of Penal Code section 1275. This schedule may also be used by a magistrate in fixing bail pursuant to Penal Code section 815a at the time an arrest warrant is issued, the amount of which lies with the sound discretion of the magistrate.

(2) Bail for an offense pursuant to this schedule shall be the sum of the amount specifically listed for the offense (pages 3-16), and the amounts listed for all applicable enhancements and prior convictions (page 17). If an offense is not specifically listed in this schedule, bail should be set according to the following schedule based on the maximum state prison term applicable to the offense:

TOP TERM 3 YEARS - 20,000
TOP TERM 4 YEARS - 25,000
TOP TERM 5 YEARS - 30,000
TOP TERM 6 YEARS - 35,000
TOP TERM 7 YEARS - 40,000
TOP TERM 8 YEARS - 45,000
TOP TERM 9 YEARS - 50,000
TOP TERM 10 YEARS - 55,000
TOP TERM 11 YEARS - 65,000
TOP TERM 12 YEARS - 70,000
TOP TERM 13 YEARS - 75,000
TOP TERM 14 YEARS - 80,000
TOP TERM 15 YEARS - 90,000
TOP TERM 16 YEARS - 100,000

(3) When a defendant is booked for or charged with two or more offenses, bail shall be the amount computed under this schedule for the charge having the highest bail, including applicable amounts for enhancements and prior convictions except:

(4) The Bail Deviation Program is available to process all bail increase and decrease requests for persons who have been arrested (other than pursuant to an arrest warrant) but not arraigned. All requests to increase or decrease bail should be called in at (213) 351-0373 or (800) 773-5151. The Program's hours of operation are 6:30 a.m. to 1:30 a.m.

(5) Penal Code Section 1270.1 prohibits the release of an arrestee on bail in an amount OTHER THAN THAT SET FORTH IN THIS BAIL SCHEDULE prior to a hearing in open court for:

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