Learn More About the Penal Code 1275 No Bail Hearings and Holds

CITY Bail Bonds has the capabilities to handle all types of Bail Bond transactions including Penal Code 1275 Hearings and Holds. We will work with all parties and compile a Penal Code 1275 Packet needed for the Courts to remove the Penal Code 1275 Hold, It will require our Specialized Bail Agents to hold a Penal Code 1275 Hearing and present our customized Penal Code 1275 Packet to the District Attorney and Judge. Upon approval, the Courts will then remove the Penal Code 1275 Hold for us to post Bond for the defendants' release.

This matter is a very sensitive Court Hearing. Once an error has been made (and usually the Bail amount is increased), it is very difficult to turn back time and make corrections. It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you have an EXPERIENCED Bail Bonds Company like CITY Bail Bonds to handle these proceedings.

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California Penal Code 1275


1192.7, or a violent felony, as defined in subdivision (c) of Section 667.5, the court shall make a finding of unusual circumstances and shall set forth those facts on the record. For purposes of this subdivision,"unusual circumstances" does not include the fact that the defendant has made all prior court appearances or has not committed any new offenses.


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